Vipal Rubber | Vipal Corporate University hosted over 200 classroom training sessions in 2023.


Vipal Corporate University hosted over 200 classroom training sessions in 2023.

Participants were able to attend practical classes at the recently renovated Vipal Technical Centre.
Vipal Corporate University hosted over 200 classroom training sessions in 2023.

Vipal Corporate University celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2023. Over the past decade, Univipal has successfully trained over 68,000 students through a combination of classroom and online courses. In 2023 alone, the university remained focused in its mission, conducting over 200 classroom training sessions and qualifying 2,062 students. Through its regular online and live/online formats, the university engaged with over 2,000 participants. Its primary contribution was on enhancing the skills of retreaders within the authorised network and professionals across various sectors of the retreading and transportation industry. 

Participants were also treated to a novel experience: the revamped Vipal Technical Centre. This overhaul included layout adjustments, fresh paint, floor renovations, and updated equipment, enhancing the quality of practical classes and overall experience. "Vipal is dedicated to enriching its network customers and end users with knowledge. Hence, the university has emerged as the primary platform for training professionals in this sector," stated Leandro Paim, Vipal's Technical Assistance Manager.  

​Univipal's training program is designed to enhance production and management knowledge among retreaders, clients within the authorized network, transporters, and other professionals in the tyre retreading industry. The Vipal Technical Centre serves as a retreading school where practical Univipal training and product testing take place before they are introduced to the market. 

"The technical centre is aligned with our mission of providing top-notch training to our technical, commercial, and product development teams. This training is extended to our employees and is also disseminated throughout our network. Within this facility, university students can engage in practical classes and gain firsthand experience with Vipal machinery," elaborates Ivanir Canevese, the National Manager of the Authorised Network. 

"Offering over 70 courses, Univipal is continuously striving to evolve its work processes. In line with this commitment, the corporate university introduced several new features in 2023. According to Paim, 'Among the notable launches, the Curing Chamber Operation and Maintenance course stood out, featuring live broadcasts in Spanish. Additionally, we introduced the Curing Chamber Operation and Maintenance course in a classroom setting, along with the Production Management course, both offering live and classroom transmission in Spanish,' he explains."