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We have gathered our frequently asked questions and answered them for you. If you still have any doubt, please ask us below.
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Commom causes may be due to mechanical problems, misuse or tyre defects. It is always important to carefully evaluate the causes and treat them to avoid recurrence and consequently further damage to the tyres and vehicle.
The ideal pressure calibration is based on a few factors. The variables include the type of route, weight of the load, variable of the empty/loaded route. For commercial vehicles, it is common to find load variation; this item is the main requirement for setting the correct pressure. It is common to find cases that use the pressure described on the side of the tyre; however, this pressure is the maximum recommendation for the maximum load. If there is a significant weight variation in the same fleet (container transport and rock transport), there will be a need for different pressures per route and/or vehicle; To define this, it is necessary to know the weight per axle, and make calculations and evaluations on the tyres. So we recommend you to reach Vipal team, who will guide you in these calculations and definitions. The verification must be done frequently. Besides defining the ideal tyre calibration, it is necessary to check if the whole set has adaquate pression.
Emergency repairs, if not replaced, may cause infiltration and may lead to tyre refusal during the retreading process.
Permanent repairs are all safe. However, it is important to choose a qualified professional who knows how to choose and apply the correct repairs. All Vipal retreaders are prepared to apply the appropriate repair for the damage on the tyre.
Emergency repairs as well as poor quality repairs can make retreading unfeasible. Ideally, the company will only use the spare tyre while on the road and all repairs will be made in the fleet or retreader that serves them.
The repair must always be done definitively, with repairs that fill the hole and cover the damaged area (hole). The objective is always to prevent the chance of infiltration, and some solutions are to: - Fix with cold cure patches - Plug applied with cold glue or maybe a plug to cure the region of the hole and then cover it with a patch.
It is a provisional repair, that is, its role is to temporarily close the hole. This repair is to be applied during an emergency and afterwards it must be removed and a permanent and appropriate repair must be done at a specialized workshop.
Vipal Rubber is a leader in the tyre retreading product segment. Thus, Vipal Machinery combines all the knowledge and experience of the retreader technicians to incorporate customer´s needs into developing their equipment. In addition, all equipment developed by Vipal Machinery have features such as strength, the use of cutting-edge technology, high productivity, technical support and also the possibility of connection with the customer's ERP, in this manner ensuring complete management of the factory floor.
Whenever required, Vipal Rubber technical team is activated. At first the service happens remotely to identify the error, as well as to update the equipment software, ensuring the machine has permanent evolution on this question. If further support is needed , Vipal will send its technicians to resolve the case on site.
Vipal Machinery provides 1-year warranty for parts manufactured by it, and 6 months for commercial items (bearings, skids, retainers, etc.).
Upon purchasing the equipment, Vipal Machinery sends a checklist with the installation requirements. With this checklist, the customer does all the necessary preparation, such as providing a power source, compressed air, exhaust etc., for interconnection in the equipment. After that, Vipal Machinery starts the machine up at the customer´s location, provinding training on safety and operation.