Vipal Rubber | Vipal's exclusive tread receives 3PMSF certification


Vipal's exclusive tread receives 3PMSF certification

The DV-UM3 received the 3PMSF certification along with other fifteen designs the brand has developed.
Vipal's exclusive tread receives 3PMSF certification

Vipal Rubber is recognized for offering innovative and superior quality products to the various markets where it operates. Consequently, obtaining a vital certification such as 3PMSF for an exclusive design, consolidates its quality. This is the case of the tread DV-UM3, an exclusive design by Vipal that has just received the 3PMSF certification, which recognize throughout the European Union that the retreaded tyre with this tread is designed for severe snow conditions. The DV-UM3 now joins the other 15 Vipal designs to have 3PMSF.

Vipal's tread meets the needs of countries that reach low temperatures and live with snow and icy roads. The tread, which was developed for application on trailer or drive axles, was submitted to rigorous testing to certify its safety and achieve the 3PMSF certification, analysed in laboratories accredited by the European authorities, according to the ECE R109 standard which regulates the production of retreaded tyres in the European Union. According to Leandro Guedes, Coordinator of Precure Development and Validation of Vipal Rubber Products, for the tyre/tread to be approved, it must have a 25% higher performance than a standard tyre.

Recommended for the urban segment and optional for use on highways, the DV-UM3 has sipes that provide excellent grip on snow, giving you stability and safety. With regular wear, it has grooves designed to minimize the retention of stones and objects and provide better water outflow in the rotational direction. With good mileage performance and excellent resistance to abrasion wear, the tread also has the M+S marking, which reinforces its characteristic of good performance in snow and mud conditions.

“The DV-UM3 is the first exclusive design developed by Vipal to receive 3PMSF certification. It is a tread with a series of attributes, such as its sipes that, combined with the grooves’ sculpture, deliver a tread that enhances its performance in extreme driving conditions, explains Guedes. 

“The DV-UM3 already traditional in Vipal's portfolio, which now also becomes an option for extreme cold conditions by expanding our winter tread portfolio. The 3PMSF certification has been increasingly requested in several European countries, and due to the quality and already demonstrated performance that this tread provides, it certainly is a great alternative for fleets”, highlights Frederico Schmidt, General Manager of Vipal Europe. In addition to the DV-UM3, the following Vipal brand treads have the 3PMSF certification: VDA4, VT220, VRT3, VDE2, VM729, VT110, VT240, VT540, VZU3, VL170A, VL105A, VT115, VT510, VM310 and VT250.