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Vipal's new machine in Europe

Bandiser SL acquires VR01 Smart Duo buffer to speed up the retreading process.
Vipal's new machine in Europe

Vipal Rubber is a world reference when it comes to tire retreading. Likewise, the segment-oriented equipment developed and produced by Vipal Machinery has been conquering an increasing number of rereaders. Companies that seek to expand their production capacity with efficiency, quality, and savings in time and raw materials have found in Vipal's machines the perfect solution to gain competitiveness in the market. This is the case of the Spanish company Bandiser SL, located in the city of Cadrete, in the province of Zaragoza, Aragón, and belonging to the Macisa group. The retreader has acquired a VR01 Smart Duo buffer, the second machine sold by Vipal in Europe, again for a company in Spain.

A Vipal partner since 2017, Bandiser SL stands out in the tire retreading segment, new tire sales and services, with 11 service points throughout the Spanish peninsula. Following the acquisition of the company by the Macisa group in 2018, the company is expanding rapidly throughout Spain. To keep up with the growth and increase in demand in the production of retreaded tires, the company chose to acquire the Vipal buffer, which substantially speeds up the retreading process. With Vipal Machinery' Smart Duo, it is possible to carry out in two hours one of the main stages of the retreading process, which used to take about six hours. This productivity gain and the quality of the buffing when preparing the tires for the application of the new tread were determining factors in the decision to purchase the new machine.

Macisa's owner, Javier Cicuéndez, highlights that the VR01 Smart Duo's robustness and efficiency made him choose Vipal Machinery's equipment. "We calmly analyzed all the machinery options on the market, as well as the companies' customer service and after-sales service, and chose to purchase the Vipal buffer. It will really help us to make a leap in productivity," said Cicuéndez. Bandiser SL's Commercial Manager, Alberto Notivol, said he has full confidence in Vipal's products and services, and this weighed heavily in his decision. "We have already proven all the quality of the treads and other Vipal Rubber products when it comes to tire retreading. When we analyzed the characteristics and performance of the machines manufactured by the company, we had no doubt that it would be the best option for our plant," adds Notivol.

In addition to this, the Vipal's machines can be found in other countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, the United States, and New Zealand. The Director of International Business at Vipal Rubber, Leandro Rigon, emphasizes the importance of expanding the entry of equipment in a market as competitive as the European's. "Vipal Machinery employs in its engineering all the technical and technological capacity that Vipal Rubber has accumulated throughout its 48 years of experience in the segment. With each new partner retreader that acquires one of our equipments and proves their quality, we have full confidence that we are on the right path for the business expansion of our machine portfolio in the global market", states Rigon.