Vipal Rubber | The Partnership between Vipal Rubber and Crowley values sustainability and reaches the mark of 50,000 retreaded tires


The Partnership between Vipal Rubber and Crowley values sustainability and reaches the mark of 50,000 retreaded tires

Business partners since 2015, the companies renewed their contract until 2023 and demonstrate in practice how fleet tire management can hugely reduce impacts on the environment.
The Partnership between Vipal Rubber and Crowley values sustainability and reaches the mark of 50,000 retreaded tires

Respect for the environment and sustainability are some of the main pillars of action of Vipal Rubber, leader in Latin America and one of the main world manufacturers of tire retread products. The company has built solid partnerships with essential corporations in the transportation industry throughout its 48 years on the road. This is the case of Crowley, a U.S. company recognized worldwide for its services for logistics solutions. 

The tire management of the Crowley’s fleet of chassis throughout Central America and in the Caribbean, performed in partnership with Vipal, has shown outstanding results and recently reached the milestone of 50,000 retreaded tires since 2015 when the companies signed their first contract.            

The companies renewed their tire management and retread agreement until 2023, supporting both companies’ ongoing commitment for high performance with sustainability, including for environmental protection. Renewal of the partnership will continue to support effective and efficient fleet usage by relying on Vipal to manage of its fleet tires, primarily in operations in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. 

By reusing tread on vehicle tires, the companies reduce waste that also supports cost efficiency. In addition to a cost reduction of more than 60% by decreasing usage of new tires – while maintaining the quality and durability offered by Vipal --  Vipal’s retreading program supports the standardization of measures, scheduling the right time for tire casing maintenance, and reduction of volume of inventories in the company’s units. Even more importantly, by retreading its tires, Crowley eliminated the need for 50,000 new tires over the past six years of partnership with Vipal and saved around 2 million liters of oil and 300  tons of steel.

Crowley, which has committed to reaching net-zero emissions across all scope,  avoid the related emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases related to manufacturing new tires.  Once Crowley’s tires reach the end of their usage, they are sent to recycling companies for reuse in other materials.

According to Jean Barros, Commercial Manager for Mexico and Central America at Vipal Rubber, the partnership with Crowley is a source of pride for the company. “It is a company that shares the same concepts of sustainability and concern for the preservation of the environment that we have in our operations. We are grateful for the trust and renewal of the partnership with Crowley to manage its fleet throughout Central America and the Caribbean”, highlights Barros. “Everyone benefits from this partnership, especially our planet”, he concludes.

As stated by Julio Molina, Crowley’s Director, Maintenance & Repair, in Central America and the Dominican Republic, the partnership with Vipal helps ensure efficiency, reduces costs for operation in multiple markets and supports the company’s commitment to supporting the communities and planet.  “Our progress with Vipal has demonstrated that high quality and efficient management of fleets through retreaded tires can benefit the services that customer rely on – and help reduce our environmental impact as a company. The renewal of this partnership represents our part to take care of people and our planet for the next generations”, said Molina.

Crowley is a privately held, U.S.-owned and -operated maritime, energy and logistics solutions company serving commercial and government sectors with more than $2.5 billion in annual revenues, over 170 vessels mostly in the Jones Act fleet and approximately 7,000 employees around the world – employing more U.S. mariners than any other company. The Crowley enterprise has invested more than $3 billion in maritime transport, which is the backbone of global trade and the global economy. As a global ship owner-operator and services provider with more than 130 years of innovation and a commitment to sustainability, the company serves customers in 36 nations and island territories through four business units: Crowley Logistics, Crowley Shipping, Crowley Solutions and Crowley Fuels. Additional information about Crowley, its business units and subsidiaries can be found at site.