Vipal Rubber | Vipal Machinery expands its presence in the United States market


Vipal Machinery expands its presence in the United States market

Renowned tire retreading company, Pete's Road Service based in California, acquired a second piece of equipment from the brand in less than six months.
Vipal Machinery expands its presence in the United States market

Vipal Machinery is getting more and more recognition in North America. The unit from Vipal Rubber, responsible for developing tire retreading equipment, arrived in the United States in the second half of 2020 and, since then, major retreaders have acquired machinery from its portfolio. One of them, Pete's Road Services, has just repeated this move by adding a second machine from the brand at its Corona facility in California, this time a VOC 760 Cargo extruder.

Pete’s, a company recognized in the tire retreading segment, with 50 years in the market, is already enjoying the benefits of the new machine, which applies cushion gum in the tire retreading process. The greatest advantage of the VOC 760 Cargo is the optimization of the retreader’s demands at a low cost. In September of last year, the same company acquired a VR01 Smart Duo buffer from Vipal, which removes the old-worn tread from the tire in the buffing process in a very agile and precise manner. 

Kyle Fletcher, owner of Pete's Road Service , explains why he decided, in a span of less than six months, to invest in another machine from Vipal. “We installed a VR01 Smart DUO buffer and, after seeing the quality and results obtained from this machine, we decided to buy another piece of equipment, the VOC 760 Cargo, which is already up and running”, he explains. "We have already had a very satisfactory experience with Vipal in the supply of precured treads and we are already seeing the significant quality gains that their equipment provides", Fletcher adds.

Gabriel Fuma, Commercial Manager of Vipal in the United States, celebrates the expansion of Vipal Machinery in the country, as it shows brand growth in the largest tire retreading market in the world. “Retreaders are optimistic about the future of the industry,  partly due to existing  tariffs on Chinese tires, and partly due to the return to a healthier post-pandemic economy. As a result, the plans to invest in equipment and in modernization of its plants have also been renewed, which generates a series of new opportunities considering that our equipment provides the  greatest  value to the retreading companies”, Fuma analyzes.

Two other pieces of equipment from Vipal Machinery are fully operational in another North American state. Vipal sold another VOC 760 Cargo last semester to Retread Solutions, in North Carolina, that has owned a VR01 Smart Duo buffer since last year.

Leader in Latin America and one of the world's leading manufacturers of tire retreading products, Vipal sees necessary to diversify in the machinery segment to perfect its main market, which is the tire retreading’s. Today, in addition to the United States, machines produced by Vipal can be found in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, Spain, and New Zealand. The Director of International Business at Vipal Rubber, Leandro Rigon, stresses the importance of conquering an important and competitive market such as the North American market, a global benchmark in the sector. “Vipal Machinery uses all the technical and technological capacity in its engineering that Vipal Rubber has gathered over its 47 years. Thus, we will continue to invest in expanding our equipment and business portfolio in the global market", he adds.