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Llafrisa became the first Central American retreader to acquire machines from Vipal Rubber

Vipal´s team was at the partner's headquarters in El Salvador to install the VOC-760 Cargo extruder.
Llafrisa became the first Central American retreader to acquire machines from Vipal Rubber

Vipal Rubber constantly invests in innovation and technology to meet the needs of its partners in over the 90 countries in which the company is present. An example of this is Vipal Machinery, a segment of the company that develops equipment for tyre retreading. Further reinforcing the brand's position in the international market, Reencauchadora Llafrisa, a member of Vipal´s Authorized Network, became the first retreader in Central America to purchase a machine produced by the company, the VOC-760 Cargo extruder. Vipal´s team was on the premises of Llafrisa, in the city of San Salvador, in El Salvador, carrying out the installation of the equipment. 


Focused on innovation and efficiency in its tyre retreading processes, Llafrisa, which has maintained a partnership with Vipal since 1985, decided to invest in the certified and proven efficiency of the VOC-760 extruder. According to Milton Gonzalez, Production Manager of the retreader, the ease of communication between the two companies was essential for choosing the right machine, as well as for the installation and training of the operators. While checking the equipment working, we were able to verify its efficiency and quality in the retreading process. “We expect to achieve more efficiency when using the raw materials, which will lead us to an important savings in time and reduction in cost, thus allowing us to be more competitive and always the first option for customers”, Gonzalez highlighted. 


In order to set up the machine, Vipal´s team was composed by: Jean Barros, Commercial Manager; André Desconsi, Tyre Retreading Technician and International Business; Gilso Zanotto, Technical Engineering Analyst; Lionel Orpineda, Commercial Technician; and Jarry Soriano, Technical Commercial Representative in Central America. Vipal staff also took advantage of the time to carry out the necessary training to operate the equipment and to clear any doubts from Llafrisa´s professionals.


According to Jean Barros, since the machine was easy to operate, the basis of the training was conducted with hands on. He also commented that the installation of the machine is an important part of Llafrisa's expansion plan. “Recently, the company is expending its retreading plant, working together with Vipal´s technical team in a new layout. Llafrisa's current production ranges from 1,500 to 1,700 tyres per month. Our goal is for the company to reach approximately 2,300 tyres per month using the VOC-760 extruder”, he explains.


Since 2017, companies have been taking advantage of the benefits of Vipal Machinery´s equipment. Retreaders from Brazil and other countries, such as New Zealand, Uruguay and Argentina, have been purchasing machinery from Vipal. " The main goal of Vipal machinery is to bring the latest technology to our partners, wherever they are, offering them resource optimization”, the Director of International Business at Vipal Rubber highlights, Leandro Rigon. Vipal Machinery makes use of all the technical and technological capacity in its engineering that comes along with Vipal Rubber throughout its 46 years. We are therefore investing to expand our equipment and business portfolio in the global market”, Rigon adds.


About VOC-760 Cargo

The VOC-760 Cargo extruder has, like all other Vipal Machinery, 100% Vipal Rubber design and execution. Besides ensuring a better cushion gum application in the tyre retreading process, the machine has a running stream regulated control which allows the filling of minor surface imperfections. This provides less execution time and therefore more savings for the company.