Vipal Rubber | Vipal Rubber: cost-effective solutions for fleets on all continents


Vipal Rubber: cost-effective solutions for fleets on all continents

World reference in tyre retreading products, the company competes for another year in three categories of the Recircle Awards.
Vipal Rubber: cost-effective solutions for fleets on all continents

Vipal Rubber is consolidated among the main global brands that develop and manufacture products for tyre retreading and repairs. Uniting quality and innovation in over 48 years on the road, the company is a leader in the segment in Latin America and is increasingly conquering more space and new customers on all continents. By offering a varied portfolio with solutions for the most diverse applications and needs of carriers, Vipal products and services contribute in a decisive way to generate savings for fleet owners and also favor the circular economy.   

Speaking of innovation, Vipal has the exclusive Eye Control technology, developed from the need to provide the end user with a practical and simple way to identify anomalies in alignment, geometry and irregular wear. Eye Control indicates the correct moment to rotate and also shows when the tyre needs to be removed for retreading. This way, the tyre casing is preserved and the product's useful life is extended for a much longer period if it undergoes a quality retread such as the one offered by Vipal's partner retreaders.

Eye Control technology received the award in the Best Retreading Industry Innovation category at the Recircle Awards 2021, which recognised companies and professionals in the tyre manufacturing, retreading and recycling industries. The company was also the winner in the Best Tread Rubber Supplier and Best Retreading Equipment and Accessories Supplier categories, the latter with Vipal Machinery.  

This year's edition of the award had some changes in the classification of categories. Even so, Vipal was nominated again and is in contention for the title in three of them. The brand is competing for the second consecutive year as Best Tread Rubber Supplier, in addition to the new categories Best Retreading Equipment Supplier and Best Retreading Accessories and Consumables Supplier. The winners will be known at an event held online on 25 April 2022. 

Another exclusive technology of the company is the Vipal Fleets software, a digital platform that allows quick and precise diagnosis of fleet tyres. The tool assists in stock control and tyre management, indicating to users the need to withdraw and the right moment to reform each tyre, helping to reduce the cost per kilometre (CPK) for fleet owners, among other benefits.

Vipal Rubber treads also make the difference when it comes to efficiency, economy and sustainability. The main example is the ECO Treads line, whose use has been proven to result in fuel savings for hauliers. Manufactured from a high-tech rubber compound, which provides lower rolling resistance, the ECO Treads can generate up to 10% savings in fuel consumption. By retreading with the ECO Treads, transport companies have managed to reduce fuel costs, lower the cost per kilometre and also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the environment. 

Another Vipal Rubber differential is the proximity and constant qualification of its partners. Through Univipal, the company's corporate university, the company holds regular theoretical and practical training courses to maintain service excellence when it comes to tyre retreading. Through these activities, Vipal also trains multipliers within the partner retreaders, professionals who become capable of disseminating the knowledge acquired in the training sessions to the other team members. The initiative results in improved productivity rates for companies, even more assertiveness in carrying out services and solving problems. As a consequence, what everybody wants: higher customer satisfaction with the delivery of a top quality retreaded tyre.