Vipal Rubber | The newest Vipal's dealer in Turkey


The newest Vipal's dealer in Turkey

Serviced by distributor Tatko Lastik, the company from Kayseri, adopted Vipal's identification and products as their main line.
The newest Vipal's dealer in Turkey

“On behalf of Vipal, I would like to welcome Yavuz and also congratulate the work of Tatko, our long time partner who certainly worked hard for this union to be consolidated”, celebrated Frederico Schmidt, General Manager of Vipal in Europe. This is because having a quality retreader like Yavuz Lastik Kaplama in Turkey, is considered an extremely important step for the growth of Vipal's business in Eastern Europe, a company that is already a leader in tyre retreading in Latin America and one of the largest in the world in the segment.

Yavuz Lastik Kaplama, founded in 1989, is an active company, retreading tyres for several types of vehicles, such as trucks, buses, trailers and tractors, as well as repairing and other services. Headquartered in the city of Kayseri, in the middle of Turkey, near capital, the company is a partner of the Vipal distributor in Turkey, Tatko Lastik. Tatko Tyre Group, a company that has maintained a successful partnership with Vipal for over 10 years. Tatko is a leading company in the Turkish tyre sector, with a vast experience in tyre sales and production, manufacturing a wide range of products, such as; passenger, light-truck, farm and loader tyres.

The union was also celebrated by Ali Gümüş, Retread Sales Manager at Tatko: “I know Mr. Ömer for a long time, it is rewarding to see the solidification of this partnership, which is based in trust and in the good work we have been doing together.”

Mr. Ömer Kesinci, owner of Yavuz Lastik Kaplama, was very pleased with the new partnership, as it opens up a number of opportunities in the Turkish market due to the high quality and technology of the products and Vipal's delivery capacity throughout Europe.