Vipal Rubber | Vipal Vulk Acqua Solution presented at Tatko


Vipal Vulk Acqua Solution presented at Tatko

The company received Vipal's technical team at its facilities in Turkey.
Vipal Vulk Acqua Solution presented at Tatko

One of Vipal Rubber’s differentials is to take the knowledge acquired over 48 years of history to its partners worldwide. The company did this with Tatko Lastik, distributor of Vipal products in Turkey. This time, it happened through training sessions with over 20 professionals from several Turkish retreading companies. Tatko's commercial team also was present during the two days training at its facilities in Gebze, in Kocaeli, northwest of Turkey. Vipal's Vulk Acqua Solution was on the agenda, an ecologically focused product that respects the environment and brings safety and quality to those who use it.

Distinguished, the Vulk Acqua Solution is a water-based solution containing natural rubber latex, sulfur and additives.  Additionally, it does not contain volatile organic compounds or organic solvents, reinforcing its sustainable character. High adhesion power allows the use of small amounts and is indicated to retread tyre processes, by hot cure or cold cure methods.

The development of products such as Vulk Acqua Solution is part of Vipal Rubber’s ecological vision of collaborating with the circular economy and preserving the environment, thus generating better working and safety conditions without losing the elevated level of quality which is a brand characteristic. In this context, tyre retreading is considered essential for the transport sector across Europe. Moreover, this practice has advantages for the management of companies in the industry, such as reduced fuel consumption, lower ecological impact, and high quality of processes, favouring the circular economy. In this way, Vipal has in its portfolio products and solutions that respond to these critical economic and ecological demands, from treads to repair products.

Diego Barbosa, Commercial Technician at Vipal, highlights the importance of bringing this knowledge to customers. “We performed over 50 training sessions with this product, a moment in which we took the opportunity to emphasize its qualities and spread our expertise in a topic so essential to the world, which is the preservation of the environment". The initiative was celebrated by Tatko's Retreading Materials Department Country Manager, Ali Gumus, who highlighted its importance. “It was greatly beneficial for us and our partners to receive this privileged information that Vipal passed on to us during the training. Knowledge like these helps us qualify the sector in our area of operation and serve our customers with more quality and ecological awareness", comments Gumus.

For Tatko Lastik's Retreading Materials Department Supply Chain Manager, Erce Şenocak, the partnership with Vipal Rubber is essential for the company's performance. "Even though we are a traditional company with several years of history, it is important that we are always innovating and improving our work and that of our retreading customers. That's why it's so important to have Vipal on our side, once their partnership goes beyond the simple supply of a product, as Vipal supports us in training and qualifications”, argues Şenocak. 

“It is exceptionally gratifying to be able to carry out such action along with Tatko, who is our long-time partner in Turkey," notes Frederico Schmidt, General Manager of Vipal in Europe. “The Vulk Acqua Solution, which was the topic for the training, is a type of product that has become increasingly sought after in Europe as it responds to the demands of the circular economy. Consequently, passing on this practical and useful information is of excellent value to the market".

Tatko Lastik was founded in 1927 and currently operates in the tyre industry, with its massive distribution system, logistic services, and sustainable tyre retreaders. With its vision to create value for the global tyre market through inspiration and innovation, it has become the largest independent distributor of multi-brand tyres using sustainable solutions.