Vipal Rubber | Carloni Tires becomes Vipal´s distributor in central Italy


Carloni Tires becomes Vipal´s distributor in central Italy

Vipal's commercial team provided training on patch application.
Carloni Tires becomes Vipal´s distributor in central Italy

Vipal Rubber is always concerned with strengthening ties with its partners, even when they have been around for some time. This is the case of Carloni Tires SRL, from Umbria, Italy, a tyre retreader partner of Vipal for some years, which is now also a repair line distributor for the brand in central Italy. With 79 years of history, Carloni Tires SRL is one of oldest and biggest retreader in Italy, producing OTR and truck tyres in cold and hot cure systems.

Vipal Europe's Italian commercial Maurizio Stassi, met with Carloni to provide training on the application of patches to the commercial team, an occasion that was greatly appreciated by the company's directors. “Vipal represents for us the main supplier in the company cause they give us quality to produce the best final product to offer to our clients. For this reason we decided to do a new step as Vipal repair line’s distributor”, explains Daniele Cimarelli, Commercial Director of Carloni. “It will be a new challenge for us but we are motivated and we have good feelings to reach great results”, he adds.

Located near Perugia city, in the heart of Italy, Carloni Tires SRL has a strategic position, which helps to efficiently deliver the goods in all the country and not only, as they have several clients also in all Europe including islands and Middle East. “In our production we only use top of the range quality materials such as Vipal brand, high-quality retreading products, all perfectly integrated with 4.0 system”, stresses Lorenzo Ferrucci, owner of Carloni. In addition, all Carloni products are certified according to UN ECE 109 regulation, which govern the manufacturing process and provide for strict controls on all the production phases.

“The retreading world has been experiencing a new moment in recent years in terms of production due to the changes promoted by the Antidumping Act, which closed the door to low-quality Asian products, and the Covid-19 situation, which reduced the production of new tyres and gave a new input to the retreading demand”, observes Ferrucci, who informs that Carloni is working hard in this post-pandemic scenario to expand its business.

“We are glad that the partnership with Carloni Tires is getting stronger every year and helping to strengthen both brands in Italy”, says Fabricio Nedeff, Commercial Manager of Vipal Europe. “We are sure that, through this new stage in the existing partnership between Vipal and Carloni, our tyre repair line will contribute to this good result, which is positive for the entire market”, he concludes.