Vipal Rubber | Vipal Motorcycle Tyres expands presence in Central America


Vipal Motorcycle Tyres expands presence in Central America

Together with Tuls and Ferreterias EPA, customers from El Salvador will have ample access to enjoy the superior quality of the motorcycle tyres manufactured by Vipal.
Vipal Motorcycle Tyres expands presence in Central America

Vipal Rubber has a tradition of 48 years on the road as a leader in Latin America and one of the main world manufacturers of tyre retread products. However, the company has also been expanding its participation in the Latin American market in the segment of motorcycle tyres. Vipal Motorcycle Tyres, the division responsible for manufacturing new tyres for motorcycles, has just entered into a partnership with Tuls, a company of the Remor group, and Ferreteria EPA to distribute and market its products throughout the territory of El Salvador, Central America.

From now on, customers from El Salvador can equip their motorcycles with Vipal tyres and enjoy the quality of the product, whose performance in kilometres travelled is superior to competing brands. The motorcycle fleet is growing rapidly in El Salvador, which creates opportunities to expand business for the segment. The director of Tuls, Sebastian Moreno, points out that he has been a Vipal customer for over 20 years, through Llafrisa, the group's retreading operation. With Tuls, the company is dedicated to the commercialization of various products for specialized workshops throughout the country, including new motorcycles tyres. Thus, this new partnership was signed so that Tuls could have Vipal brand motorcycle tyres in its portfolio.

"After visiting Vipal´s factory in Brazil, we started to gather information about the El Salvador market. We selected the most suitable models and verified through field tests,  the quality, resistance, high performance and cost-effectiveness of Vipal tyres”, highlighted Moreno. “When we learned about the company's project to also expand this product line here in El Salvador, we immediately agreed to the partnership. To close the entire process cycle, we started to define the distribution channels. So we made a commercial alliance with the Ferreteria EPA chain, where Vipal tyres will be displayed and sold directly to the public”, stated the director of the group.

Tuls will start its e-commerce later this year. The collection of the online orders will be made at the company's headquarters. Next year, the intention is to stablish a delivery capability throughout El Salvador. The Commercial Manager for Mexico and Central America at Vipal Rubber, Jean Barros, points out why Tuls was the right choice for this partnership. “We consider Tuls to be perfect for this project, as we share the vision and level of excellence of the companies in the Remor group. And this alliance signed between Tuls and the Ferreteria EPA store chain confirmed the success of our selection. Ferreteria EPA is a consolidated company, with a presence in several countries and with three megastores in El Salvador, which will certainly allow our tyres to reach a large number of customers”, highlights Jean.

The companies' expectation is that the commercialization of the product in the country will grow gradually. The forecast is that around 500 to 600 tyres will be sold by September. As of the first quarter of 2022, Vipal and Tuls expect to reach the mark of 1000 to 1200 tyres sold each month. Within two years, Vipal Motorcycle Tyres expects to consolidate its position in the El Salvador motorcycle tyre market.