Vipal Rubber | Vipal Machinery launches VR01 Smart Uno C


Vipal Machinery launches VR01 Smart Uno C

The new machine guarantees standardization in tyre buffing.
Vipal Machinery launches VR01 Smart Uno C

Provide improvements in the tyre retreading process to its partners, combining agility and high-quality standards: This is the main objective of the products developed by Vipal Machinery, an equipment manufacturing unit of Vipal Rubber, which has been creating solutions in machinery for retreaders since 2016. The proof of this constant search for improvement is the launch of VR01 Smart Uno C buffer. 

The VR01 Smart Uno C is an entry buffer, which guarantees quality and standardization in tyre buffing. It is a robust and compact machine that offers precision and reliability for the retreading process. There are several benefits that the retreader obtains with this equipment, such as automatic operation, the possibility of integration with the retreader's ERP according to compatibility, recipe configuration, and a sensor for detecting the steel mesh of the tyre, among others.

“The VR01 Smart Uno C, Vipal Machinery smallest buffer in physical dimensions, stands out for its robustness, reliability and precision. The buffer has as optional functions a manual buffer for finishing the tyre and a device for remote assistance access”, explains Evandro Rossi, General Manager of Vipal Machinery. 

Please access the machine's page to learn more about the VR01 Smart Uno C.