Vipal Rubber | Univipal provides training on the DV-MT tread family


Univipal provides training on the DV-MT tread family

Employees from the commercial and technical teams of Vipal Rubber from Brazil and abroad participated in the online meeting.
Univipal provides training on the DV-MT tread family

Univipal, Vipal Rubber's corporate university, is always looking to improve knowledge for the market and the company's internal team. For this reason, online training was conducted on technical matters for the Vipal DV-MT family of treads. Information about the product and its best use was transmitted to technical and commercial teams operating in all markets where Vipal Rubber is present.

The training was conducted by Univipal technical instructors Paulo Moraz and Geronimo Pagnoncelli, who also answered the participants' doubts during the activity. "We understand that the team needs to be constantly provided with information, as this provides greater cohesion in our services,” comments Geronimo. Geronimo explains that topics about characteristics and the correct application of DV-MT treads were discussed in this meeting. The training took place in an online format in Portuguese, English, and Spanish language, thus meeting the needs of the entire Vipal team in Brazil and abroad.

Exclusive to the Vipal brand, the designs of the DV-MT line have technical attributes that give it unique characteristics. One of these differentials is its performance in extremely aggressive road situations due to its optimized formulation. Their high traction power and exceptional resistance to tyre chipping guarantee them a better grip on slippery terrains, such as mud and snow, proven by the M+S marking. The design also minimizes retention of rocks and objects, enabling the self-cleaning of the tread. All these aspects were highlighted during the training, highlighting the particularities of the family so that the end-user can receive the most suitable product for each application.

The experience was rich for both the national and international Vipal teams. Andrei da Luz, Fleet Consultant, declares that this training was exceptionally good and profitable for him, who works in the interior region of São Paulo. “Although the designs of the DV-MT family are similar, each has significant characteristics of composition or depth, which has been raising doubts on the part of retreaders and the final consumer. With the training, it was possible to eliminate these doubts, which allowed us to replicate the knowledge for the retreaders and serve the end customer with greater assertiveness. In addition, as in all Univipal training, there is a time to discuss with instructors and colleagues from other regions the application of the same product in other regions, which enriches the discussion,” says Luz.

Dijan Rigo, Commercial Coordinator at Vipal Overseas, comments that the training was essential for working with clients on the continent of Oceania. "Tyre retreading in Oceania is a very technical and competitive activity, and the correct application of designs that have particular technical characteristics such as DV-MT is extremely important. In New Zealand, for example, we have a large number of forestry customers, where the aggressiveness of the terrain requires high-performance products such as DV-MT. With the tread correctly applied, we can make the most of its differentials,” he reports.