Vipal Rubber | Vipal launches the new tread made in Argentina


Vipal launches the new tread made in Argentina

The innovation comes to meet the demand for OTR tyre retreading for skid steer loaders.
Vipal launches the new tread made in Argentina

Vipal Rubber, the leader in the segment of products for tyre retreading in Latin America, is one of the few companies in the world with a complete line of treads for all transport segments, types of terrain, and applications. A good example is the launch of the new VT860, which will be manufactured in Argentina and serve different regions of the international market. It is a new design option developed by Vipal for off-the-road use in the heavy work of compact tractors, such as skid steer loaders . 

This type of vehicle is ideal for performing work on unpaved roads and is widely used in constructions for loading sand, gravel, and waste in various areas and stages of the works. It is a type of application that demands a lot of the tread, which will constantly work in extreme driving conditions. 

The grooves’ sculpture design follows the rotational direction, offering better traction power. It has greater resistance to damage caused by sharp objects, common in off-the-road conditions, and blocks designed to provides excellent mileage performance in extreme driving conditions. Also has the M+S marking, which guarantees a great performance in snow and mud conditions and the design also provides the self-cleaning of the tread.  

The product will be presented to the Argentine market at Expo Transporte, to be held from August 9 to 11 in Buenos Aires. According to Vipal's General Manager in Argentina, Adalberto Fernández, the company will prepare a special totem to exhibit the new design during the fair. "The VT860 tread comes to supply growing demand in the Argentine market for the tyre retreading of skid steer loader . It is a tread with an exclusive design that combines excellent traction power, resistance, and durability. We are sure that the launch will meet the needs of companies and builders in the regions where the tread will be marketed, said Fernández. 

The design can be found in sizes 235, 245, 265, and 295mm. For more information about the tread, just access the website