Vipal Rubber | Vipal Machinery consolidates itself in the international market and wins over customers in Oceania


Vipal Machinery consolidates itself in the international market and wins over customers in Oceania

Two extruders and a buffer developed by Vipal Rubber join the production of Tyre Retreaders and Power Retreads, both in New Zealand.
Vipal Machinery consolidates itself in the international market and wins over customers in Oceania

Those who are by their partners´ side and know their needs firsthand, in the case of Vipal Rubber, are able to create the best market solutions. Even more so when these solutions involve high technology and expertise. Vipal Machinery, the company´s unit responsible for developing equipment for tyre retreading, is the best example of this. Proof of this is that recently, two New Zealand retreaders, Tyre Retreaders and Power Retreads, invested in the proven quality of the machines produced by Vipal Machinery and purchased three of the brand´s machines, totaling four already shipped to Oceania.

Tyre Retreaders, from Christchurch, the first foreign company to acquire a piece of Vipal equipment, a VR01 Smart DUO buffer, in 2018, now has the VOC-760 extruder in its production. The machine assists in the application of rubber and reduces the time needed for retreading, facilitating the process and eliminating any imperfections on the surface of the tyre. According to Tyre Retreaders´ Production Manager, Russell Hamilton, the speed with which the machine operates was impressive. "One of the benefits that I have noticed is that the heating activity time is much faster, which is important to start executing the retreading process, generating more time and savings in cost per tyre manufactured", he stated. 

Like Tyre Retreaders, Power Retreads, from the city of Hastings, also invested in Vipal´s machines. The retreader acquired two pieces of equipment for the company's production line, the VR01 Smart DUO buffer, which allows the rubber to be removed from the tyre in the buffing process in an agile and precise manner, and the VOC 760 extruder. “Our workflow has increased. We needed machines capable of keeping up with this new rhythm, which is why we are happy to conquer devices of this size, which will facilitate the demands that we will receive throughout the year”, says the owner of Power Retreads, Dave Leicester, referring to the capacity of the machines to optimize retreading time. 

To strengthen its commitment to its partners, Vipal´s team monitored the machine installations at both companies and also took the opportunity to conduct training on the operation and maintenance of the equipment with the teams from both retreaders. 

The Director of International Business at Vipal Rubber, Leandro Rigon, says that the machine line is an intelligent and effective answer for retreaders who seek productivity and quality in their retreading process. “We are proud to be able to communicate that in New Zealand today, our partners' tyres are retreaded with Vipal´s equipment. This was undoubtedly an important step, not only for Power Retreads and Tyre Retreaders, but also for retreaded tyre users in the country. This proves once again that the company meets and overcomes the most challenging demands”, Rigon highlighted.

Companies from different countries around the world are taking advantage of the benefits of the brand's equipment. Today, in addition to New Zealand, it is possible to find machines produced by Vipal in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, the United States and El Salvador. “Vipal Machinery's  main objective is to bring cutting-edge technology to our partners, wherever they are, offering them resource optimization”, says Leandro Rigon. “Vipal Machinery uses all the technical and technological capacity in its engineering that Vipal Rubber has gathered throughout its over 47 years. Thus, we will continue to invest in expanding our equipment and business portfolio in the global market”, Rigon adds.