Vipal Rubber | Vipal Rubber expands its partnership with Radburg in Europe


Vipal Rubber expands its partnership with Radburg in Europe

Romanian retreader is a reference in tyre retreading, recycling and trade.
Vipal Rubber expands its partnership with Radburg in Europe

Vipal Rubber has expanded its partnership with one of the largest tyre retreader in Europe. The Romanian Radburg is a reference in circular economy when it comes to the tyre industry. Operating in several European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom, the company has a network for collecting, recycling, retreading, and producing compounds from recycled rubber, efficiently and sustainably, promoting the complete circular economy in the segment.

Since 2018, Radburg has been producing with the quality of Vipal, focusing in its commercial tyre retreading line. After reviewing the great feedback received by the treads and materials supplied by the Vipal, Radburg signed the following year, the first partnership with the brand. Last year, this partnership was solidified with the completion of the logistic system and continuous delivery of precured treads for commercial vehicles. Currently, Radburg retreads about 5,000 TBR tyres a month.  

The company's commitment to the sustainability of its activities, care for the environment and the promotion of the circular economy in the tyre segment are in line with the practices and philosophy that guides Vipal Rubber's activities. This synergy favoured the expansion of the partnership and the increase in business between the two, determining factor for Radburg to achieve constant growth in the European market.

According to the General Manager of Vipal Europa, Frederico Schmidt, the expansion of the partnership with Radburg tends to grow even more in the coming years. “It is a solid and well-recognized company in the segment, with continuous investments in state-of-the-art equipment and products. In these aspects, Vipal has exactly what Radburg needs to offer the best to its customers when it comes to tyre retreading”, highlights Schmidt.

The Managing Director of Radburg, Mr. Catalin Turculet, took over the management of the company in 2016 and is responsible for achieving the company’s objective of maintaining the constant growth that it has been going through in recent years. “There was a great synergy with Vipal Rubber on our vision of business expansion and expansion of our operations. It is a differentiated supplier, which has efficient solutions and flexibility to work this partnership in a positive way for both companies, aiming for the long term”, highlights Turculet.

Radburg's history in the tyre segment begins in 1994, when it started as a local tyre dealer. Based in the city of Suceava, in Romania, in 2000 the company integrated into its services the passenger tyre moldcure retreading. In 2005, Radburg started the process of retreading truck tyres using precured treads. The following year, the company acquired the first equipment to grind and recycle used tyres, starting to also perform this type of service. 

In 2009, it expanded its scope and began exporting the production of retreaded tyres to other European countries. To complete the production and reuse cycle, in 2010 the company starts collecting end-of-life tyres and casings throughout Romania. With the growth in demand in the line for reusing rubber from recycled tyres, Radburg begins to collect tyres in several neighbouring countries, becoming the main recycler in the Swiss segment, for example. In 2014, the company started to produce rubber paving and granulate from recycled raw material.