Vipal Rubber | Vipal implements CRM for the international team


Vipal implements CRM for the international team

Professionals from the international sales area of the Headquarters and the company's branches around the world began using the renowned Salesforce tool, planning the information of the customer base
Vipal implements CRM for the international team

Vipal started 2021 with some news in all its international units: the implementation of a new CRM management tool (Customer Relationship Management). Developed in partnership with Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management software company from the United States, the system gathers all customer information such as proposals, orders, characteristics and market potential onto one platform. Oriented to Vipal's international sales team and branches around the world (Africa, Argentina, Asia, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Oceania and the Middle East) the CRM plans all commercial activities through quick and easy tools focusing on user experience to assist routines.


Customer registration, access to the historical activities performed, access to opportunities, records, on-time enquires and many other features are some of the functionalities of the CRM that helps improving efficiency and assertiveness allowing Vipal team to provide a better service to customers using all the technological functionalities of the tool.


Moreover all existing data on the platform is likely to become information, including phone calls and e-mail exchanges which allows the user to identify business opportunities and improve the relationship with their customers, as well as having a more realistic position on all demands in a simple and intuitive way. Throughout a management panel the platform gives an overview of all the opportunities allowing to check in which stage the opportunity have reached and the updated status.